Murton CC News

October 2016 - Murton Cricket Club - Pavilion Update

We have received notification via e-mail from Murton Welfare Association (MWA), that after recent discussions between Murton CC and MWA, a MWA steering group and full MWA meeting in which the Pavilion status and usage was discussed, MWA have decided that they will not be closing the pavilion fully over the winter months as we were 1st notified of earlier this year.

MWA have notified us that they will continue to keep the club open on a Friday night only during the winter months (they will open other nights for any functions with plenty of notice). Although we are disappointed that the club will be closed on a Thursday night, we have reluctantly had to accept this decision. Further to agreeing to the closure on a Thursday night, we have also had to agree to the conditions set by MWA of that they expect Murton Cricket Club to organise and run at least 5 social functions/events over the winter months which will 'bring a return to the Welfare'. 

I ask all players, members and supporters again to help support Murton Cricket club in this difficult period for us and would like to encourage players, members and supporters to support and help increase usage of the Pavilion on a Friday night and support our upcoming functions.

In terms of events we do have three already arranged which I ask for your support in attending and supporting:

Sat: 15th October 2016 - Annual Presentation Evening - 7pm - Glebe Centre

Thur: 3rd November 2016 - Gentlemen's Evening Guest Sportsmans Speaker: Julio Arca (Adults Only)

Thur: 22nd December 2016 - Annual Christmas Party Quiz Night and Raffle Draw Night.

I would also like to ask members for any suggestions of fundraising or if any member would be interested in sponsoring our club or know of any company or organisation that would be interested is sponsoring our club.

(These changes come into effect Week Commencing 17th October. Club will be open as normal Thursday 13th October)

Ian Graham - Chairman


September 2016 - Club Sponsorship Fundraising

Although the season has just finished, Murton CC are looking for any local organisation or company willing to sponsor our club for the 2017 season and beyond. We currently operate 7 teams, 3 senior and 4 Junior sides (U18, U15, U13, U11). As with all activities the cost of running maintaining these activities these continues to rise year on year and we would like anyone interested in helping our club by sponsoring, or anyone who may have any suggestions for sponsorship or fundraising to contact us. Our management committee have drawn up a booklet of sponsorship ideas, however we would be very interested in discussing any other sponsoring ideas.



March 2016 - New - Fund Raising Thanks

Murton Cricket Club wishes to thank Murton Officials Club and their Darts and Dominoes team for the fundraising night they held in aid of sponsorship to the Cricket Club. Funds were raised during a Darts, Dominoes and Jack handicap night.


Murton CC would also link to thank The Lions Club, for their support and help in organising a Charity Casino night which was held in the Glebe Centre on Saturday 27th February. The night was a great success and help raise over £600 for our Cricket Club.

March 2016 - New - Murton Cricket Academy App

Our Junior Section have created a new downloadable application from Team App. The new application will be used to keep all members updated with the latest news, team news and information on our Junior Section. The new application is available for download - free of charge - all smartphones and tablets. We would really like to encourage all members to sign up. Please see instructions notes below to dowload and sign up:


February 2016 - Social Membership Subs

Annual social membership subs are now due. Fee is £2 for the year. Subs will be taken every Thursday and Friday night in the club by Ian Graham. If anyone new wishes to become a member, please complete the Social Membership form below and forward to Ian Grham along with your £2 fee.